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In 2020, I had the privilege of taking educational leave to study osteopathy. During this time I was able to put together many of my existing ideas. Ideas that now form a picture. You can achieve so much with just a few important pieces of information. You just have to put this knowledge together with the right professionals and transport it in the right way.


And that is what I would like to make my life's work. My dream is to unite all relevant professions in one practice, treating a patient in a multidisciplinary way. It should be possible to look at every angle of a problem. 

In cooperation lies the power. The power to amplify and unite our energy. I am very happy to have such a powerful person at my side and look forward to everything I can create together with Débora. 

And I look forward to seeing you soon!


Tanja Jakober 

Phone: +43 664 2125146

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Breathing Exercises 

Lungs Sketch

My name is Tanja Jakober, I am 29 years old and originally from Carinthia, Austria. In 2013 I completed my bachelor's degree in physiotherapy at the FHG Innsbruck. Directly after that I started working at the University Hospital Innsbruck. My area of expertise is orthopaedics, I have been treating acute as well as chronic orthopaedic patients for over seven years. This is not only my work, but my passion. 


In addition to many other further training courses, I have concentrated mainly on manual therapy according to Maitland over the years. In order to deepen my spectrum even further, I started the master's degree in Osteopathy in 2019. 

In addition to the clinic, I also work freelance in a practice and as a dance teacher in a dance school in Innsbruck, as dancing is also one of my great passions. Apart from that, I love Yoga, especially Acro Yoga, and learning languages. 


Due to Lyme disease, I became very involved with the topic of nutrition a few years ago and increasingly educated myself in this area. I felt first hand how important the right nutrition is for our body. Especially how much it can positively influence and strengthen our immune system. 


When you experience for yourself how much this knowledge can help you, you want to pass it on to other people even more. Especially for my patients, who mostly suffer from chronic complaints with inflammatory components, the right nutrition is an essential factor. And that's how I got to know Débora.

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