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Let's Breath!

Sometimes we are so busy that we even forget to breath. We are so concentrated in our daily routines that we forget to stop, take a deep breath and calm things down. Breathing is remedy for several problems. By practicing mindful breathing, we increase the oxygenation of the lungs, activate its capacity to bring oxygen to the tissues, improving our immune system. It also helps us to relax while helping us getting more focused. 


In this series of videos, we have for you some exercises which can be done at home, during work, or outside, before sports or meditation. With the help of Tanja Jakober, a great physiotherapist, we can learn how to diminish stress, fear, pain and even treat asthma and more serious lung diseases as COPD. It can be also very helpful during infections to help the lungs fight any eventual pathogens. (Videos in German). 

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