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Our Body

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Our body is our temple. It is a sophisticated vehicle that we need to be able to live on this planet. Our body interacts with our environment, reacting to the food we eat, to the air we breath, to our lifestyle. 

If the body can not deal with the food we eat, we get sick. The same with our lifestyle. Depending on our stress levels, or on how we interact with people around us, or with problems we have to deal every day, we can also get sick. 

The opposite happens when we nurture our body instead of only feeding it. We can heal. Or if we have a different mindset in response to the challenges we encounter every day. We learn to establish limits and in this case, we also heal. We can explain it scientifically. It is called epigenetics. 

All the genetic information we are born with can influence the colour of our skin, the colour of our eyes and hair, and so on. But it can not completely influence if we are going to develop certain kind of diseases, or even if we will be able to run a marathon. Those facts can be influences by the environment and our lifestyle. This is epigenetics. Yes, we can to a certain extend, change our genes according to the way we live. We have the power to reprogram ourselves. To heal ourselves!!



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