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Health Mediator

Physical and Emotional Reprogramming

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Our Body
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Our body is our temple. It is a sophisticated vehicle that we need to be able to live on this planet. Our body interacts with our environment, reacting to the food we eat, to the air we breath, to our lifestyle.

Mind and Soul

The capacities of our mind, together with the essence of our souls guide our lives. Our mindsets and all the experiences that our soul carries, can determine the way we live, our health, how we relate with family and friends, how we work.

About Me
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My name is Débora. I am a person who has passion for animals, for Nature and the ways we interact with it. I am Brazilian and thankfully living in Austria since 2008. I discovered my connection with Nature when I was still a child. I was just in my essence when I was playing around with plants, spiders and cicadas in my mom’s garden.

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The Dandelion and The Bees

Dandelions are incredible masters of nature and can teach us resilience and deep rooting. Bees have a close connection with dandelions.


"Look deep into nature,

and then you will understand everything better". 

Albert Einstein

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