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The Dandelions and The Bees

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The dandelions are Nature’s amazing masters and can teach us resilience and deep-rootedness. Dandelions are resilient in different perspectives. If you had already the chance to observe so you realized that it can grow everywhere, independent of the environment around. In a well-nurtured garden, or even in a crack on the asphalt. If you are trying to keep your garden free of dandelions (yes, some consider them as a plague), you have some trouble. It is impossible. Even if you manage removing them, they find a way to bounce back and recolonize your garden. This is resilience!

Have you ever tried to remove a dandelion plant from the ground? They have very deep roots very well connected to the earth that makes this task impossible. It is not easy to dig up a dandelion. And if you miss a tiny piece of dandelion root when trying to pull it up, it will regenerate, sometimes even stronger.  Being deep-rooted means being established in life. It doesn’t mean having a house and a good job, but being established as human being living on Earth. You are established when you know what exactly you are doing here, knowing your mission, independent of where or what or who you are.

We can develop resilience in life when we are also physically strong. The dandelions can also help with that. All the parts of the dandelion, from roots to the flowers have high nutritional values and can be incorporated in our daily routine to improve our health. The roots and the leaves are powerful sources of anti-inflammatory substances. We can dry the roots out and make tea with them. The leaves are great in the salad, or prepared as a pesto. The flowers can be used also in salads, smoothies or for the preparation of delicious dandelion flowers honey. Even the seeds, which form those gorgeous globes which we can use for playing around by blowing them, show us the sacred geometry of the universe. Just take a close look on it!

Last but not least, the bees and it strictly connection to the dandelions. When winter say goodbye and the Nature starts to bloom again, one of the first plants to offer the flowers to the bees are the dandelions. They are very important at this time because the bees are awakening from the hibernation and pretty starving. Dandelions will give them strength to work the whole spring and summer pollinizing the world. The bees collect their richness and energy and spread around. I have a deep connection to bees not only because I love when they fly around with the “buckets” full of pollen. But because my name, Débora, means bee!

I am glad you are here!!

Yours Debbi

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