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Do You Complain?

Life is not always easy and everybody knows that. Since our childhood we face conflicts with our parents, siblings, cousins and school colleagues. Then we grow up thinking that everything is normal and that our childhood was perfect. Until we realize that, several difficulties we have in life, several blockades and fears, were “installed” in our minds while we were small, even by the people who mostly loved us.

Living on Earth is like taking a degree in humanity. We came here to learn. To interact with other humans, with the nature and by that, realize the importance of this coexistence. We should see each difficulty in life as an opportunity to growth. But mostly of the time we just complain and instead of doing something to move forward, we make others feel guilt for our unfulfillments. Human beings has the ability to complain about every little thing. During summer, we complain that is too hot. During winter, that is too cold. If rainy, that is too wet. If we have a job, we complain about our boss or our colleagues. If we are unemployed, the system is guilty. If my business is not doing great as expected, we point to the customers that don’t put values in our products. If there is environmental damage, we make the plastic straw guilty. If we have a pandemic, we transform it in a political fight. What if we see all these catastrophes as a new chance? A new way to do the things?

I am not telling we should not fight at all and just sit quiet. We all should be like whistleblowers and work efficiently to highlight the problems of our society. To improve the knowledge of people who have less access to information. What we should avoid doing is just sit, and complain, waiting that someone will come to save us. Let’s take the pandemics as an example. We have to stay home and avoid contact with those we love? We are all working in home-offices and have to live all day long with our children and partners? No one enjoys a pandemic and a dangerous virus should be taken seriously. But most of all, we should not forget to live, love and what is more important, to be creative. We should use the time and online technology to spread information to those who need it. We have the chance to be more in contact with our children and educate them in a more sustainable and respectful way. We may have a chance to sit in front our partners and discuss everything we never had time to do, and fix things, or end things if necessary. I could make a list of suggestions here, but everyone knows their own needs. Let’s look more inside. Let’s be grateful for having a roof above our heads. For having food on our dishes. For having technology so we can connect to people that are far away or isolated. Let’s learn something new. Start a new career. The world is changing. Old educational, financial and social systems are being renewed. New energy is coming. New professions. New possibilities. Let’s be free of the need to complain and be creative. There are great things waiting for us out of the comfort zone.

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