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Physical reprogramming Pack

How does it work?

During the "Physical Reprogramming" pack sessions, you will give me direction. The session is based on your own lifestyle and how it can be optimized to give you more energy and vitality. I will ask you questions to help you figure out what is important to you and what you can change. Lifestyle changes can directly affect your genes! By improving your diet, stress levels and attitude in general, you can reprogram your genes yourself through a phenomenon known as epigenetic.

This session pack consists of 2 appointments.

(Preparation) Based on a questionnaire that you will fill out before the first appointment, I will guide the sessions and show you the possible ways to improve your health. I perform an analysis of micronutrient status; analysis of risk factors such as immunity status, intestinal health, cardiovascular disease, aging, osteoporosis, detailed analysis of risk factors for stress, burnout and depression, and general emotional status.


1st session (approx. 2 hours)
- Initial conversation to determine your desires regarding your health status and lifestyle,
- Detailed analysis of your emotional status and identification of possible energy robbers,
- Conversation about your global analysis,
- Presentation of the results of the analysis of health, risk factors and emotional state,
- I present you a plan to optimize your lifestyle and energy status,
- (OPTIONAL) I can mediate your physical and emotional status to detect any psychosomatic imbalances (see the combination package).


2nd session (approx. 30 min)
- Follow-up after 3 months


The conversations held during the coaching sessions as well as the answers received during the interviews will be kept strictly confidential.


Contact me for more information!

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