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We Are What We Eat

Sharing Food

The human body is built by approximately 80 billions of cells. Different cells form different organs and have diverse function to keep the body working. Some cells serve as barrier for invaders as bacteria and viruses, some cells carry oxygen and nutrients for other cells, some cells produce hormones, some build cemented structures like the bones. Without nerve cells, I could not be able to write this text, and you would not be able to read it. Each of these cells are like independent organisms carrying an entire machinery of small organs and genetic information inside, and with potential to communicate with all other cells in your body. 


The food we eat has the fuel to keep those little machines working. Micro and macronutrients are essential for keeping the cells working and with that, a healthy and functional body.


Like magic, all the food we eat “pass through” our body leaving some information in each of these cells. That’s why, the quote “we are what we eat” should not be only funny but also an alert to the way we treat our cells. 


Additives used in processed foods, pesticides and hormones and antibiotics used in the meat industry are examples of elements found in our everyday meals which are poisoning us and inhibiting our cells and body to work as it should. Our society developed the culture where, if you are ill, you should have a pill. Nowadays, we are used to have a pill for every disease or discomfort we have. What not everyone is telling, is that for every disease, there is an aliment which can cure us as well. 


My own experience proved me that one can change its life by changing the way you eat. Is not about famous diets or impossible routines that you give up after a couple of weeks. Is about knowledge. 

Enjoy it!

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