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Combo Physical and Emotion Reprogramming

More health - More joy

Wie funktioniert es?

How does it work? During the "HEALTH REPROGRAMMING" session you will be given me the direction. The session are based on you own lifestyle and how it can be optimized to give you more energy and vitality. I will ask you questions to help you figure out what is important to you and what is possible for you to change. Changes in the lifestyle can directly influence the genes ! By improving your nutrition, stress level and mindset in general you can yourself reprogram your genes by a phenomenon known as epigenetic. This sessions will be combined with the EMOTIONAL REPROGRAMMING sessions. During the "EMOTIONAL REPROGRAMMING" sessions you can learn how to delete such programs. You will be able to recognize your own wounds and learn how to heal them using your own strengths. You will learn how to reprogram your mind and emotions. During those sessions, you will be also able to recognize possible emotional pathways which are making your body sick. These sessions consist of 7 appointments. (Preparation) Based on a questionary which you will complete prior our first appointment, I will direct the sessions and show you the possible directions for the health improvement. I will carry out an analysis of micronutrient status; analysis of risk factors such as immunity status, gut health, cardiovascular disease, aging, osteoporosis, detailed analysis of risk factors for stress, burnout and depression, as well as general emotional status. 1st session PHYSICAL (approx. 2 hour) - Initial interview to determine your wishes regarding your health status and lifestyle, - Detailed analysis of your emotional status and identification of possible energy robbers, - Conversation about your global analysis, - Presentation of the results of the analysis of health, risk factors and emotional state, - I will present you a plan for optimizing your lifestyle and energy status. 2nd to 5th sessions EMOTIONAL (approx. 4 hour) - Application of the method to reprogram the subconscious mind and delete negative programs. 6th to 7th session - Feedback PHYSICAL after 3 months and 6 months. FOR BOOKING PLEASE CALL ME OR WRITE AN E-MAIL!! FOR PRICES IN BRASILIAN REAL OR DOLAR PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA MOBILE OR EMAIL! The conversations held during the coaching sessions as well as the answers received during the interviews will be kept strictly confidential. _____________________________________

  • 520 euros
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