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Mother Nature

The blue planet the known as Earth is a living organism. It is difficult to understand when someone says that they don’t like Nature or who doesn’t like to be in the Nature. Following this idea, the human-kind created cities with lots of concrete to keep Nature away. To have a more civilized life or bring progress to the world. We forgot just a very small detail. WE ARE the Nature. We are not supposed to live separated from the Nature, isolated from it. But together, in mutual collaboration with it. 


We, human-kind, are getting ill, developing depression, creating pandemics and several other diseases because we have disconnected from our source of life and energy. We are not only disconnected from the Nature but we also keep destroying it in the name of our comfort. Nowadays, more than 50% of the Earth’s natural habitats, wild-lives and biodiversity are already lost. It is not only a problem for animals which are in extinction and millenary trees that were burned. It is our problem. By keeping the destruction of ecosystems, we are the next to become extinct. 


“We are one of the first generations of people able to recognize the huge damage we caused, and the last one still able to make significant changes before it’s too late” -  Kate Raworth. 


We can make a change, and by saving the Planet we can save ourselves. The choices of the food we eat every day influences our environment and society. We can choose wisely and by doing it, restore our health and help others. The way we consume can make a huge impact on society and environment as well. 


Forest Grass
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