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In Your Hands

Everyone today is fighting their own battle. It can be external challenges managing a life-work relation, family, or the need of internal adjusts while fighting a disease or mental imbalances.

How often do we ask ourselves: what is wrong with me? 

Why are we always so tired or have the feeling that there is always something wrong with our body? Or, are we always feeling irritated, depressed, stressed? 


What if I tell you that we can change it, and that the solution for that is in our own hands? 

We may start by making a decision. A decision to change. We can start by changing the way we relate to food, how we relate to the environment around us, and how do we react to everything that happens. Once we identify the food which is poisoning us and change our habits, we get better. Once we interact more with the Nature and respect it, we Heal. Once we identify that some thoughts can kill us, we learn how to protect ourselves. Maybe we will not be able to change the whole world with these steps, but I am sure we will be able to change our world. And maybe the world of someone living next to us.


This website is a place for you to feel at home. Here I will share information which may help you improve your life in an easier, simpler way. I am offering you 1 to 1 online and presence health coaching units. These topics will be also shared as texts, lectures and videos based on scientific research data collected from trustful sources and translated to you in a simpler language. I will also invite interesting people who can increase the quality of this content by sharing with us their expertise and know-how in the areas of nutrition, mindset, health and connection with the Nature. 


I am glad you are here!

With Thankfulness,



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