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Fibers and Omega-3

Do you know what the ingestion of dietary fiber together with omega-3 fatty acids can do to your intestines? 

Living in our belly you have more than 1.000 different species of microorganisms. They live with us 24/7, all the time. Sharing our meals, reacting to our stress levels and even enjoying when we go out for a walk. 

Not all of those bacteria are good bacteria. There is good bacteria and bad bacteria in this population in the intestines. There is a necessity to have a balance in between this population, because this balance or homeostasis, brings the health to our gut and automatically to our whole body.

One of the secrets of great health is to ingest enough amounts of dietary fiber together with abundant and high qualitative Omega-3. The reason is because when we have abundance of both substances in the gut, our bacteria can produce what is called SCFA - Short Chain Fatty Acids. SCFAs are very important molecules that can keep us free from diseases, giving us enough energy to enjoy life. 

To understand how it works, take a look on this video ;-)

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