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Your Emotional Solution.

How does it work?


"The backpack example"


In the course of life we collect more and more burdens and drag them along in our backpack. This is not a problem as long as we have enough energy to cope with it. The more we carry, the more energy we use. Therefore, we have to make sure we always have enough energy available - because otherwise we won't be able to carry the backpack.


When we have little energy, we find it harder to cope with the load of the backpack. We tire more quickly, have more and more ailments in all areas, and have to exert ourselves more and more, take more and more breathers.


We may decide to replenish our energy with certain methods. For example, yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques, wellness stays, conventional kinesiological applications, etc. are suitable for this. The catch is that we have to keep going to these "refueling stations", to the "rest stops" and "mountain huts" to replenish the energy and to keep carrying the backpack.


What if we could empty the backpack? What if we didn't have to carry such a heavy load anymore? Then we wouldn't have to replenish energy so often and we could last longer with the energy we have. We would be less dependent. This is exactly what YESolution® does. With YESolution you empty your backpack. You remove one program after the other and therefore use less energy in your daily life.


This doesn't mean that you can't do your favorite activity like yoga. No, it will even help you to have more energy. But: you are no longer addicted to it. You do it because you feel like it and not because you can't carry your backpack anymore. You decide which route you can go and no longer plan your route according to which "rest stops" you have to visit on the way.



With YESolution® you have the possibility

to deal with stressful situations in a completely new way.


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